1. Listen/purchase: Sea Dog by Wiltz

    My band just released our final album. Limited physical copies for sale. Please give it a listen anyway.

  2. My band is playing one last gig before we decide to call it a day. I’m moving to London to start a PhD and another one of the lads has already moved there so there wasn’t really a way to continue. We’ll be releasing an album to hopefully coincide with this. Have a listen to old shit http://wiltz.bandcamp.com/

    Here’s the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/510774612331688/

  3. Ah sure I’ll post this once more. My band did a new demo after a few drinks.

  4. Have a go of this live demo my band recorded a couple of weeks back.


  5. I booked tickets to toe in London earlier today. This will without a doubt be the best gig of the year. The most incredible line up.

    Toe, This Town Needs Guns, Enemies, and Tangled Hair to name a few.

  6. wiltz:

    Had such a good night last night. Give our split a listen here and listen to the boys from Facing’s tunes here: http://facing.bandcamp.com/

    Do it.

  7. wiltz:

    Listen to our new song! More on March 10th!


  8. This is a new song my band put up tonight that we recorded last week. It’s off an EP we’ll make at some point. Give it a listen and reblog if you like what you hear!