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    The most important video on the internet.

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  3. Toddler’s first time through a carwash

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    The dangers of shaving.

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    Owls - “I’m Surprised…” (from Two)

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    Watch on Youtube

    ahh man I’m kinda embarrassed about this but the other day loads of game characters escaped from my laptop and were doing loads of random shit in my kitchen, all my baked beans got eaten and something green got blended (??) idk

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  8. I will not ask you where you came from,
    I will not ask you and neither should you.
    Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips
    We should just kiss like real people do.

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    Just the President of Ireland standing in line at an ATM.

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    Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge

    'You have entered… POWER DRIVE!'

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  13. Hymns // Repent and Rebuild

    I seriously can’t get enough of this band lately.


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  15. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it; don’t wait for it; just let it happen. It could be a new shirt in a men’s store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot, black, coffee.

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