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    Check out Alvvays’ brand new video for “Archie, Marry Me”!

    The track comes from the band’s fantastic self-titled debut full-length, which just hit stores last week. 

    The clip was shot using a super 8 camera, but unlike that JJ Abrams flick this video doesn’t feature any aliens. Or does it??

    In other, completely related news, Alvvays announced some US dates for this fall, which you can check out here.

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    his eyes are just….gorge!

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    Steamed hams.

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  12. Adebisi Shank premiere new song and announce London Co-Headline w/ Fang Island



    Adebisi Shank have premiered a new song from their upcoming album via HitFix. The song, called “World in Harmony” is taken from the bands upcoming third album.

    The band have also announced they will be co-headling a show in London, with label mates fangisland. The show is went on sale today and tickets are expected to sell fast. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS


    This’ll be the biz.

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    look at this baby polar bear gif I found


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